A Bit of Show & Tell


Hi! I’m a content strategist and freelance tech writer.

I’m passionate about helping organizations get their content in good shape – so when you get to their site, you say, “That’s exactly what I was looking for!” and not, “Sheesh, what a useless mess.”

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Understanding Theory…

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Major: Communication and
Interactive Arts and Technology
Minor: Dialogue
School: Simon Fraser University
Completed: 2013

… And Practice

My experience is at the intersection of communication, tech writing, and design.

I’ve helped a variety of organizations with content, information architecture, and communication, including crown corporations, local government, non-profits, a world-class physics lab, and a university.


What’s a creator if you can’t see any of the work he or she made?

I’ve dabbled in videography, photography, graphic design, UI design, game design, web design, sound design, animation, industrial design… and most of what I made is pretty good… for an amateur! Give your design team a hug: it’s a hard job.

The stuff I’m really good at has always been writing.


Some of the most useful writing I’ve produced is available at MakeUseOf.com. Examples:

I’ve also written a little about content strategy.

I also edit for Techmeme and its sister-site Mediagazer.

Jess Loves…

I am passionate and curious about the world of science, technology, media-literacy, DIY and maker culture, sustainable community building, design, dialogue, education, and feminism… and more.

I am also a lousy gardener, a wannabe-beekeeper, and I crochet and program a little.